How Is Your Faith Focused?

By on March 21, 2021

This weeks service can be watched by clicking here.

Bible Reference:

  • Luke 16:19-31


  • What is Jesus’ teaching in this story?

Bible Reference:

  • Luke 17:1-3a


  • What does it mean to cause someone to stumble?

Bible Reference:

  • Luke 17:3b-10

Action:   Ask yourself:

  • How is your God given faith focusing you in the way you live?
  • Are you living a servants life of faith and repentance that influences your activities, how you treat others with love, and having God’s eternal kingdom in mind, daily?

Daily Scripture Reading:

  • Monday March 22th, 2021   Luke 19:1-27
  • Tuesday March 23th, 2021   Luke 19:28-48
  • Wednesday March 24th, 2021   Luke 20
  • Thursday March 25th, 2021   Luke 21
  • Friday March 26th, 2021   Luke 22:1-23
  • Saturday March 27th, 2021   Luke 22:23-53


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