By on August 25, 2019

Jesus had “all authority in heaven and on earth.” He could have spread his kingdom any way he wanted. His plan for doing this is shockingly unconventional!


  • If God wanted you to start discipling someone right now, but they weren’t even a believer, how would you feel?

Bible references:

  • Matthew 28:5-10, 16-20
  • 1 Peter 4:12-19


  • What are some common reasons/excuses Christians give for not talking about Jesus with people who are not Christians?

Action step:

  • May your love for others fuel the great mission to make disciples. This is God’s great plan as creator. If you don’t have the right view, don’t feel equipped, if you don’t have love, if you are afraid, if you don’t have a strategy – pray and ask Him to empower you and then go! For He is with you.

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