Selfless Giving

By on November 17, 2019

Jesus set the example for selfless giving!

Videos:  Christians in the midst of the Hong Kong Protests against Chinese extradition laws – limit freedom of religion.


Bible references:

  • Mark 14:1-25


  1. What things do you see Christians or churches waste money on?
  2. Should Christians question each other about how we spend our money?
  3. Why does Jesus defend her “wasteful spending”?

Action steps:

  • In honor of Jesus giving Himself away, each time you eat this week, stop. Remember you are His disciple. He gave Himself away to you that you would be like Him.
  • Continue with last weeks action steps:Have you given your wealth, your desires for love, your children, your dreams, your whole life to Jesus? That is what it takes to be a disciple. Each day this week spend time in prayer and meditation.Monday – Give your work/job to Jesus.

    Tuesday – Money all your savings, house, investments, retirement, etc to Jesus.

    Wednesday – Give your children: their education, sports, activities, health, and well being to Jesus.

    Thursday – Give your romantic desires to Jesus.

    Friday – Give your free time to Jesus.

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