The Way of the Lord

By on January 7, 2024

This weeks service can be watched by clicking here.

What might the Way of the Lord look like today?

Bible Reference:

  • Isaiah 40:3-5
    • (oops-video starts here) Describe what the Way of the Lord might look like today?
  • Matthew 3:4-10
    • What does it mean to produce good fruit?
    • What does it mean to produce bad fruit?
  • Matthew 3:11-12

Action:  Goals for 2024

  • Wake up and go to bed everyday knowing God loves you. He has a plan for you. And love Him and trust Him in response.
  • Whatever happens turn to God as your refuge and hope.  He is where you run and there are no other backup plans.  Have peace with Him.
  • What will you do to know Him more?  I will ………………………..!
    • Fasting one day a week, a whole week or the season of lent? Fasting food, fasting social media, fasting to pray for and bless someone else?
    • Read the scriptures, meditate on them and know Him more.  Use a reading plan, or schedule.  Audio book plans.  Hallow or Pray as You Go.
    • Solitude: plan time with the Lord.  Daily time, 2-4 hours, or more.

Daily Bible Verses:

  • Monday January 8th, 2024
    • Matthew 4:1-4
  • Tuesday January 9th, 2024
    • Matthew 4:5-7
  • Wednesday January 10th, 2024
    • Matthew 4:8-11
  • Thursday January 11th, 2024
    • Matthew 4:12-16
  • Friday January 12th, 2024
    • Matthew 4:17
  • Saturday January 13th, 2024
    • Jude 5

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